Thursday, November 27, 2008

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Hey Craig, who is also coming to MN to find out if he will be coming to Roma sent me this video on Facebook that is from a friend of his who is a missionary in Naples, I found it informative so I thought you might to, in case you were wondering why one should go to Italy to spread the Gospel. If any of you know a better way to show a Facebook video on Blogger, let me know. Till then I also added another video from youtube that shows the need at the bottom of all the posts, enjoy.


I don't know how you qualify success but last night is what I would qualify as a successful shopping trip. I had just about two hours to find the much needed winter apparel for my trip to Minnesota. A true California girl I have no cold weather dress clothes needed for the week in the chilly Minneapolis.

I had not had the money nor the time to head out to the mall until last night following a Youth Trip to Sky High I grabbed my two faithful shopping buds; my sister Krista and friend Jenny (thanks girls!) and we high tailed it to the mall. With their help I was able to snag some fantastic new clothes and even better deals!

I went to New York and Company and took joy in the amazing by one get one 75% off sale they were having on pants and sweaters. Convenient that was. I found two great sweaters, two pairs of pants and a great shirt. At Macy's I also got my first pair of wedges, super cute and over 50% off! In all I saved more than I spent, and I had just received a Thanksgiving gift of money from my favorite Lady, Grandma Selma, so really it was almost nothing out of pocket!

Something to be truly thankful for!

Now I am set for the cold, and ready to print my boarding pass and get to getting!

This is not the group I am trying to join, but it gives you an idea...