Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Global Market

For this evenings dinner we ventured out to the Global Market in Minneapolis. This is the type of place that would do fantastic in Santa Cruz. There you will find food from, you guessed it all over the World, but not just restaurant options, but deli's markets, craft and cultural goods. I went for the food from Africa 3 types of curry and yellow rice, it was really good. And I still have my desert here waiting for me to have room to eat it. For desert I got a chai cupcake with some sort of filling. (not from Africa) Others had food from the Holy Land, Greece, Mexico, Latin America, North America and Italy.

John and Sharon

Craig and Myself

Joan and Blair

Cheryl and John

Gloria and Gene Our Fantastic Leaders

My dinner. Chicken Fantastic, Chicken Curry and Beef Curry

John showing off their massive plate of meat from the Holy Land
I missed a few people in my pics but that was most of the group missing was Stu and Lois (a leader)

What Day is it? Tuesday I think. Day 4 of REV

I can tell you I may have reached my capacity for information, especially information in regards to myself. Today we have done so much I have to actually look at our schedule to tell you what we have fit in, and tomorrow there is even more.

Today following our devotional, we moved into our Evangelism Exercises. Not my favorite part of this so far. We had to sit down with one person and tell them in 2 min with no warning all the points of the Gospel important in leading someone to Christ. That part did not have to be eloquent, but it was cold turkey with someone we had not met, while they sat and took notes. My time started and I went blank, so much so that I could not have even told you my name. It was like someone turned off my brain. Luckily someone flipped that switch back on and I think in the end I hit all the points I might need. Then we did some cold turkey roll plays, where we just needed to include our faith in the discussion, looking more at our conversational skills, and how easy or hard it is for us to talk about our faith. I did much better on this portion. The problem we found with the role playing is that the Holy Spirit is not role playing with us. Which means we are really out there on our own...I never realized how much I depend on the Holy Spirit in prompting and guiding my conversations, but it was clear that I do.

After the Evangelism we went over or Cross Cultural Assessment Inventory, which estimates how one will handle living cross culturally. It looks like I am pretty set in many ways to live overseas, a good thing. In the area I was lowest, it turned out we were all lowest except maybe one.

Then there was lunch, after which we went over our Keirsey Temperament Sorter, which is like the Myers Brigg normally I have come out as an ENFP but on this test I was an ESFJ. But I ranked smack in the middle on P and J and I totally feel I am more of the S than N.

You would think that was the end of the personality assessments, but you'd be wrong. We then went over our Spiritual Gifts. My highest three a surprise to me in some ways were; Knowledge, Pastor/Shepherding, and Faith.

We finished all of this by 2:30pm So at that time we got filled in on more details of what we can expect if we are hired by Reach Global, and what the next few days will look like.

Just to give you an idea of how to pray for me tomorrow, here is my day:

8:30am Latin America Meeting
9:00am MENA and Europe Self Guided
9:30-11am Leadership Interview
11-12:30pm Psychological Interview
12:30-1pm Lunch
1pm Dr. Visit
1:30pm Asia Meeting
2pm Africa Meeting
2:30-4pm Philosophy of Finance
4pm Take down stuff in the Chapel
5:20pm Dinner

Your prayers will be much appreciated for me and my fellow applicants these next few days.
On Thursday I get to spend most of my day reviewing on my own and praying, and then at 7pm I will have my Acceptance Meeting where I will be told one of three things.

Not Yet - but with some work on one or two things
No - and by no they mean not now and or ever

So by 7:30 my time 5:30 CA time I will know if I am part of the Reach Global Team.

Just so you all know, I have decided that I am for sure willing to go where ever God is leading. After one of our exercises where we had to choose if we would be willing to die for the Gospel, it was clear that if I am willing to die than I am willing to go where ever God may ask me to go.

This is not the group I am trying to join, but it gives you an idea...