Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day One of REV

Well, I made it safe and so-und (you can hold out the O if you want to sound like me in MN) to the cold but beautiful land of 10,000 lakes. Seriously I already am holding out all these O's that I am typing, even in my head. Hopefully it won't last when I get home for too long.

My first stop upon arrival was to visit with Jon and Tracie and new or not quite so new Grace Ditty! Jon was met me at the airport and took me to see their new home. Should have taken pictures, cause it's real cute. But I did snap a few of Grace, so here you go...

So as you can see she is super cute and in case you can't tell she is a sweetie too! They said she was cranky, but if that is cranky, then well they are blessed with a fantastic little girl.
But onto REV. I am staying in the Quality Inn, and I have a great room all to myself.

There are actually two beds, so I can have a sleepover or something:)

When I got to the EFCA headquarters I was met at the door and instructed to go to the elevator to the 3rd floor where I was met by Gloria and ushered into the Chapel transformed into a boardroom for this event. There I found my name sign at my seat around the table and my own new HP Laptop and the book Leading From the Sandbox. Which I am too read tonight if possible so this will not be too long. I have to say that thus far I am pretty impressed with the quality of the program. We will be using OneNote to learn together and keep notes as well as an online community for different Bible Studies and training activities. Pretty High Tech for the EFCA.

There are 10 of us participating in the REV Event. Myself and Craig the other one looking towards going to Rome are the youngest and the only newbies in the room. But, that doesn't seem to be a problem. Craig, another girl a little older than myself and I are the only singles.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the room we are meeting in is that they have poster size papers on the wall for each of us with our names and our strengths and our spiritual gifts on them. So you can pretty much size up everyone in the room. This is kinda fun, and kinda weird.

Well, I have homework and there is a hot tub kinda calling my name. I will post again tomorrow. But in case you were wondering this is all the snow I have seen and it is right outside of my hotel.

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Pastor Randy said...

Don't get too spoiled! ;o) And just in case you care, "in case" is two words (or is it too, or to? I forget) ;o)

Anyway, learn lots, I am of course, praying for you. I guess I'll have to read the book, too, or better yet, you read it and tell me the good parts!

Well, time to bone up on my sermon. Have a great week, I'll look forward to your next blog post.

And,oh yeah, thanks for the pictures of Grace. I guess they really did have a kid! ;o)

Love ya,
Dad (:o{)}

This is not the group I am trying to join, but it gives you an idea...