Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow Day Two of REV

I awoke at 6:30 am MN Time which is 4:30 CA time to snow falling. Actually to be completely honest I did not look outside, I am assuming it was snowing then. I know for a fact that an hour later at breakfast it was falling.

It didn't amount to too much, but at least now it looks as cold as it is.
Today has been a good but tiresome day. I enjoyed my own sweet time with God this morning before breakfast, and then following our first meal we worshiped together corporately. At least I think that was today, it seems like a long long time ago.
After worship Gene shared some thoughts, then we had a break. Following break we met the psychologist who introduced us to the MMPI Assessment, made up of 567 questions to determine if we will be going crazy anytime soon. That assessment took about 2 hours to complete, and was lots of fun (NOT). We will each meet with the psychologist on Wed. A day chalk full of interviews with all sorts of people.
After our assessment I got to spend some time chatting with Craig then it was time for lunch where I enjoyed good conversation with a few members of the group. After the nice sandwiches we met with the Director of ReachGlobal Tim and he gave 3 presentations about ReachGlobal its beliefs purpose and theology. The Sandbox of ReachGlobal, check out his blog is you want to know what that is. I put a link on the sidebar.
I think overall it was an encouraging time, discovering just how in sync I am with the ReachGlobal Sandbox.
Now we are meeting in the lobby in a min to go to Famous Dave's for dinner.
Hope you all had a good day, I was and am praying for you this week too.

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This is not the group I am trying to join, but it gives you an idea...