Friday, December 5, 2008

And Here We Go

Thanks to all of you for your support in prayer and just being there with me through this process! In case I forgot to call you I am officially a part of the Reach Global Team!!! In fact I am going to be a long term missionary to Rome! I had come into the process as a Fixed Term Applicant, but Reach Global offered me the Long Term, which means that instead of a 2-3 year term, I have the option to stay on without having to reapply later!!! It also means that I get the full benefits package, including health with dental and vision, retirement and umm more I think, but I cannot remember.

All day I have orientation, but then I will be heading back to Santa Cruz.

I am super excited, in case you cannot tell.

Also for those of you who have been praying for Craig as well, he will be joining us in Rome as a Fixed Term!!! So God is really bringing our team together!


Jon, Tracie and Grace said...

That is fantastic Trinity!! Congratulations! Grace and were praying for you last night at 7pm while she was going to bed. At least I think her screaming in my lap was a prayer.

Pastor Randy said...

Super excited and proud of you, Kid.

And now the "fun" begins!!!

Have a GREAT last day in MN, greet the Ditty's if you see them, and praying for a safe trip home.

Don't forget to lift a prayer for Bug, she has an interview today!

See ya to Crest Ranch!

Love ya,
Dad (;o{)}

This is not the group I am trying to join, but it gives you an idea...