Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Global Market

For this evenings dinner we ventured out to the Global Market in Minneapolis. This is the type of place that would do fantastic in Santa Cruz. There you will find food from, you guessed it all over the World, but not just restaurant options, but deli's markets, craft and cultural goods. I went for the food from Africa 3 types of curry and yellow rice, it was really good. And I still have my desert here waiting for me to have room to eat it. For desert I got a chai cupcake with some sort of filling. (not from Africa) Others had food from the Holy Land, Greece, Mexico, Latin America, North America and Italy.

John and Sharon

Craig and Myself

Joan and Blair

Cheryl and John

Gloria and Gene Our Fantastic Leaders

My dinner. Chicken Fantastic, Chicken Curry and Beef Curry

John showing off their massive plate of meat from the Holy Land
I missed a few people in my pics but that was most of the group missing was Stu and Lois (a leader)

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Pastor Randy said...

Hi Kid,

The following is a response from Debbie, when I asked her how it went at Flight 678.

She wrote,
"it went fine, we practiced some Christmas carols in case we get to go caroling..The kids were definitely testing us more than usual without Trinity there, but even with that they are an amazing bunch of kids. and we had a blast!.Emily and Michael did great! You guys are a very generous church body , you aer definitely filling a need for many families..Thanks for listening to God's call. You are so needed in this community."

Just thought you might to be encouraged. So, even if God keeps you here, it is a GOOD thing! Well done, Daughter, You're a blessing to your Ol' Man.

It's great to have children, all of them, loving God and serving others!

I'm blessed!

This is not the group I am trying to join, but it gives you an idea...